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affidavit of viva voce evidence

MOITA v. DUGMORE 1984 BLR 105 (CA) Find Window X Type in ...
Evidence - Affidavit evidence - Dispute of fact - No viva voce evidence given at trial - Resolution of disputed fact based on contradictory affidavit evidence .

Zola v. Ralli Brothers, Judgment, File No. 4 of 1968 (CAEA, July 31 ...
"The court may thereupon unless the defendant by affidavit, or by his own viva voce evidence or otherwise, shall satisfy that he has a good defence on the merits .

Weighing Evidence - Chapter 6: Application to Specific Situations
The advantage of viva voce evidence over documentary evidence, is that the . The panel had given little weight to the affidavit of a nun that supported the .

Preparing Affidavits & Evidentiary Statements - New South Wales ...
Affidavits (and witness statements) are written statements of evidence in chief. Their content is . Viva voce evidence retains a spontaneity and genuineness .

Mhambi v Dube and Another | Zimbabwe Legal Information Institute
Jul 19, 2012 . Molly Mpofu's supporting affidavit does not adequately deal with the issues . and these in my view call for viva voce evidence if justice is to be .

* Viva voce - (Law): Definition
Viva voce - Topic:Law - Online Encyclopedia - What is what? Everything you always . using the spoken word. Evidence which is given orally to a Court by a witness' word of mouth (as opposed to in writing, such as by affidavit or deposition).

[2012] ZAKZDHC 42 - SAFLII
Jul 6, 2012 . It is evident from those affidavits that the steps taken to try to save the . in disregard of the additional advantages of viva voce evidence..." .

Procedural Fairness Perspective From a Former Alberta Lawyer ...
You file a Notice of Motion and supporting Affidavit, serve it on the other side; . of affidavit evidence alone; credibility can only be assessed based on viva voce .

HSBC Bank Malaysia Bhd v T.B. Wong [CAM]
Jul 21, 2008 . In their affidavits filed in answer to the summons the defendants raised a . It is also plain that viva voce evidence is necessary to determine in .

Case Search - Kenya Law Reports
I have considered the petition and replying affidavits, I do not see the need to call viva–voce evidence or at any rate call for the cross examination of Mr Weldon .

Viva Voce Definition
Evidence which is given orally to a Court by a witness' word of mouth (as opposed to in writing, such as by affidavit or deposition). As Justice Laskin . viva voce testimony and ... testimony by way of documentary evidence." In law, evidence .

Mugema Peter Vs Mudiobole Abedi Nasser | Uganda Legal - ULII
Apr 18, 2012 . So his affidavit evidence was suspect. . ought to have considered this evidence that was given viva voce before reaching the conclusions that .

Appointing a legal guardian for the mentally incapable. | Levy Zavet ...
May 3, 2010 . In view of this, unless the applicant intends to call viva voce evidence (live testimony), an affidavit by the applicant will be required.

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