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Word - Administration for Children and Families
Data Element # and Name: The first two columns on the following table provide the number and name of each item that must be reported. These items reference .

Rendering Data (Report Builder and SSRS)
The DataElementName property controls the name of the data element. In CSV, this controls the name of the CSV column header. In XML, this becomes the .

How do I use column values as xml element names using for xml in ...
Is there a way I can get the values from a column to output as element names? I' m sure I'm missing something obviously simple here.

Data Loading Format (DLF) Specification
This appendix describes version 1.0 of the Data Loading Format (DLF), which is the . The <lookup-key> element contains a list of column names that determine .

Column Design
In addition, mainframe files have numerous data elements that are used by . Column names in the data warehouse are different from field names on the .

Data element name - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Requesting_Employee_Number and Approving_Employee_Number columns have Qualifiers to ensure that the data element names are unique and .

UMLS - Metathesaurus Release Columns and Data Elements
Columns and Data Elements - 2012AA Release. All data .

Data Element Dictionary
Jun 18, 2012 . Form Header. Question number. 0A. Data element name. PACKET. Version. 2. UDS question. Packet code. Length of field. 2. Column positions .

NARA - AAD - Terminology
The data layout is composed of a list of all the field names, field titles, data types, . The fields are the columns or elements of information that describe each row.

A. FIMS Data Element Dictionary
Sep 5, 2012 . The FIMS Data Element Dictionary is presented in alphabetical order by English. Names which are the data field names found within the FIMS .

Availability of NIS data elements from 1988-2010 - HCUP
May 30, 2012 . The first column specifies the HCUP data element name. The second column indicates the file(s) in which the data element appears. The next .

Data element - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An identification such as a data element name; A clear data element definition; One or more . In practice, data elements (fields, columns, attributes, etc.) .

Working data - Data Elements
The first column shows the Data Element name and the second column shows its label. Both are preceded by the location of the Data Element in the generated .

Concepts & terms - datasets, tables, data elements - Data Dictionary
A data element in Data Dictionary's context is a column in a table. . Most common attribute of all is 'Name', standing for the name of the defined object.

Vol 4 - ch 3 - Error Correction Data Element Names
NAME. DATA ELEMENT. NAMES/NUMBERS. MAXIMUM. FIELD. LENGTH . entering the Field Number or Name in the Data Element column and entering a .

Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) jl.txt ...
AllItems - All estimates jl.dataelement - Data element codes mapping file jl. industry . File Name: jl.dataelement Field #/Data Element Length Value( Example) 1.

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