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Roaming user profile - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Folder layout of typical Windows 2000/XP user profile. . and a roaming user does not log off for days at a time, their roaming account documents are not being .

How to Migrate Local Profiles to Domain Profiles in 5 Minutes Using ...
In my example, I will be migrating a local profile on Windows XP to a domain profile. . To begin, if you haven't ever logged in with the domain user account, you will need . o Prevent Roaming Profile changes from propagating to the server = .

What Is a User Account?
Domain accounts can use roaming user profiles, which allow people to use their own . A new feature in Windows XP (new to Windows Me/9x users, anyway) .

HOW TO: Switch Between a Local and Roaming User Profile on a ...
Microsoft Windows XP Professional. Configure a User Account in the Active Directory to Use a Roaming Profile. Configure a User Account in the Active Directory .

Migrating User Profile from Windows XP to Windows 7 ...
May 7, 2009 . Moving user profile from one computer to another on same operation . How To Access User Profile's AppData Folder the Easiest Way in Windows 7 . Just add the .v2 extension to the old XP roaming profile folder and have .

c++ - Can I configure a roaming user profile on a Windows Xp Pro ...
Can I configure a roaming user profile on a Windows Xp Pro SP3 . my code behaves when a Windows user account is set up as "roaming".

Windows XP Logon and Passwords
Dec 31, 2004 . How to Create and Configure User Accounts in Windows XP . A roaming user profile, which is created by your system administrator and is .

[SOLVED] Windows 2003 Server Roaming Profiles won't leave a cache ...
. Server and I have roaming profiles set-up with a couple of accounts but . create the roaming profile folder for my test user account, the folder .

How to Create and Copy Roaming User Profiles in Windows XP
You may have reason to copy a defined user profile to a number of users. . To copy an existing user profile to another user's account, follow these steps: .

Working with Roaming User Profiles - O'Reilly Media
Feb 1, 2005 . Roaming user profiles are simply collections of settings and . Before you begin creating a roaming profile, you need to create a temporary user account on . up roaming profiles or can I use my Win XP machines to do this.

Windows cannot load the users profile but has logged you on with ...
Roaming Profile won't connect · Can't create a new user account, (xp . I found that the registry change provided fixed the problem on an XP .

Get IT Done: Recover a damaged Windows XP user profile ...
Jun 25, 2003 . If the temporary account that Windows XP creates for you when your . XP into administering the local user profile as if it were a roaming user .

How to configure true roaming profiles using Windows XP ...
Feb 16, 2003 . 2) Make sure that the users that you want roaming profiles for exist . Also make sure that the roaming users have passwords for their accounts.

Microsoft Windows XP - Create a roaming or mandatory profile
Open Computer Management In the console tree, click Users. . System Tools Local Users and Groups Users Right-click the user account you want, and then .

How to Create Roaming Profiles in XP Home |
If your network includes users who frequently log on from different computers in the office or work from multiple workstations, Windows XP offers roaming profiles .

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